• Welcome to Rockace

    Rockace was established in January 2019 to overcome the dearth of high-end art and game development in the dynamic casino and slot game industry. Helmed by veterans from the gaming industry, we bridge the gap in the market with high-end concept art, 3D assets and animation for a range of platforms. Rockace hit the ground running and has to its credit 30 titles within its first year of operation, with plans of scaling exponentially in the near future.

    An ace up our sleeve

    We are RockAce - The biggest advantage that we have is our very experienced and adaptive team. Aces from the slot-industry are not only leading the team but also constantly updating themselves to the latest trends. Our artists are constantly upgrading. These aware insights differentiate us in the industry, giving us that edge which helps us in orchestrating immersive, unparalleled experiences of the highest quality for our clients.




    Client Development



    Acing the game

    Rockace prides itself on being an unstoppable powerhouse that caters to the niche requirements of the casino game development industry and strives for innovation and excellence at every step of the way. Tried and tested workflows-in combination with strategic checks and balances-help us accomplish a quick turnaround for leading gaming brands in global markets.

    Our solutions are nurtured and developed with utmost attention to detail by a handpicked team of industry veterans. While each member of our team brings a unique skillset to the table, what makes us tick is our shared passion for quality work and our unwavering professionalism.

    Rockace's fundamental vision is to be known as a premier gaming company with contemporary, global sensibilities, adept at consistently offering innovative products and services. Uniquely positioned to leverage Indian as well as global markets, we strive to build a brand that prioritises customer gratification and enriches stakeholder value at every crossroad.